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Ways To Grab The Attention Of A Perfect Guy Around You

There are important tips given here which will help you to improve yourself so that you will feel good about yourself and your parents are proud of you. You can even grab the attention of a perfect guy around you.

Good Character

• You must possess good moral values such as honesty, loyalty, and humility which are very important for open and transparent relationship.
• Be polite and respectful to others.
• Never indulge into backbiting, bitching and gossiping.

Be Confident and have a positive outlook towards life         

• You must have a strong personality by accepting your mistakes without arguments and have the ability to stand your viewpoint when you are right.
• Don’t get bogged up when anyone criticizes you. Take it in your stride and don’t let yourself down. See to it if you can improve on that so that you would not be criticize for it next time.
• You must avoid rude and disrespectful people not by saying anything bad about them in public but quietly ignoring them.

• Try to let go memories of bad moments. Learn from it and move forward.   

Be Finest of Yourself:

• Wear a good smile on your face because a good smile can add you’re your face value. Share jokes with others but remember never make fun of others.

• Be cool and broadminded
• Have friendly nature and be social with your colleagues and friends. You always welcome them by your beautiful smile even if you are hurry.

• Focus on your career.

• Complement others to show that you really like to appreciate other’s progress in life.

• Never discuss your problems publically.

• Try to help others in best possible way you can.

• Pursue your hobby to help you to feel good and easily utilize your free time.

Stay healthy

• Eat Healthy (include green veggie, fruits, salads, honey, nuts, drumsticks, soybeans in your diet) and avoid Junk food especially from street vendors.
• Drink a lot of water
• Have Green Tea/ Juice in morning

• Exercise daily

• Meditation for a peaceful mind

• Spend time with nature

• Have regular medical checkups

Care your skin

• Avoid direct sun rays by applying sunscreen cream especially in summers.

• Use Natural homemade face pack for better results.

• Use cleansers that suit your body i.e. oily, dry, or normal.

• Wipe out your face very gently with a soft towel

• Moisturize your skin twice a day, before putting on makeup. If you have oily skin, apply light or gel-based cream if you have dry skin then apply heavier cream.

 Style your hairs


• Oil your hairs at least once in a week especially when hairs are dry.

• Maintain hairstyle that suits your face, hair texture as well as your personality.

• Comb your hairs at least twice in a day.

• Cut splitants within the the duration after 7-8 months.

 Dress gracefully


• Buy classic dresses such as straight jeans with descent tops and it is not necessary that you go for trendy clothes as till the time you buy those dresses, it might be possible that trend is out.

• Wear dress that properly fits you.

• Properly wash and iron your dresses.

• Choose accessories such as bracelet, watch, chain, purse to look graceful.

• Buy pair of comfortable yet trendy footwear.

Make Up


• You must wear makeup to enhance your beauty.

• Light foundation to conceal dark circles under your eyes, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dark spots, or marks on your face.

• Apply eye makeup using light eye-shadow, eye liner and Mascara to make your eyes look stunning If your eyes are small then use a liner on the outer side of eyes to make it appear big and if big then very sleek liner to look striking.

• Choose light blush on shade that matches with skin tone of your cheeks to glow it naturally.

• Apply light lipstick for everyday and a little darker for special occasions.

• Get manicure and pedicure done to make your hands and foot look beautiful.

• Wax away unwanted hairs.

• Get your eyebrows done.

You should never overdo your make up as you tend to look unnatural and messy. Remember, if you wear beautiful smile on your face you look awesome with even light make up.

If you follow above points you will definitely become the perfect girl that decent guys are looking for and who knows one of them become your life partner.

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