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Today’S Youth Must Learn From Radha-Krishna‘S Divine Love

Janmashtami marks the birthday of God Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna’s Birth was for victory of the good over evil. Sri Krishna’s birth also signify that nothing is pure than the divine love between him and his consort Radha.

The summarize story of the birth of Sri Krishna is given below:

Once, Mother Earth was upset by observing the increase in sins committed by evil kings, rulers, and demons of India. Mother Earth went to God Brahma, the Creator, of universe for help. God Brahma prayed to Supreme God Vishnu for help. Supreme God Vishnu promised to be born as a child to Devki and Vasudeva to Kansa. Kansa was the king of Mathura and the brother of Devki. Kansa loved his sister very much. Kansa happily married his sister with Vasudeva and he himself drawn the carriage of his sister and brother in law to leave his sister to her in-laws home. However, when Kansa heard it was prophesied that his sister's eighth child would kill him, he imprisoned both his sister and her husband Vasudeva. Newlywed couple conceived eight children in prison, and Kansa killed six out of eight sons.

At the moment when Devki got pregnant for the eight time, Lord Vishnu appeared before the couple. He instructed Vasudeva that when their eighth son would be born, he should take him to Vasudeva’s friend, the cowherd chief Nanda in Gokula. There vasudeva could easily exchange his son with Nanda's daughter.

After the birth of the eighth son, Vasudeva found that his legs miraculously became unchained, and the prison doors opened and guards slept. Vasudeva immediately made his way to Nanda's home where the babies were successfully exchanged. Vasudeva safely returned to the prison and found his legs were chained, and gates were closed. Baby girl cried and wake up all the guards. They gave news of the birth of eight child to Kansa.

Kasnsa rushed in to slaughter the new baby. But before he could kill baby girl, he saw baby girl was transformed into the goddess Yogamaya. Goddess informed Kansa that his killer was already born in Gokul.

Krishna was happily growing in Gokul. He became darling of all the maidens of Gokul. One of them was Radha, who loved Krishna very much. Krishna grew up into dark, tall and handsome young man and Radha also grew as beautiful and graceful young lady. He requested his parents to let him marry Radha, but they denied. Krishna parents told him that she was not a right match for him. He then consulted Sage Garg. Sage told him the true story that he was actually born to Devki and Vasudeva and was later transferred to Nanda’s House to keep him safe to kill Kansa. Sri Krishna told Radha about it. Radha sacrificed her love. She said that she would never hold Krishna back from performing his duty and achieving his goals for the benefit of the humanity.

Many youngsters and westerners relate love with lust and sex. They even find relationship between Radha and Krishna is like a mundane sexual relationship. They are totally wrong as they don’t understand the true meaning of Love.

When we go through the Bhagavata Purana, we find many instances that signify that the relationship between Radha and Krishna was pure and spiritual, and it was devoid of any tinge of lust. Radha-Krishna’s love was full of innocence and selflessness.

Krishna and Radha were two bodies from outside but united as one soul from inside. Both were devoted to each other. They gave the lesson to all youngsters that true form of devotion and commitment can actually made their relationships timeless. Another lesson is that youngsters look forward for the companion with the inner beauty not towards false love and beauty, which are only skin-deep.

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