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Tips To Find Your True Love

Maria is 26 year old girl with beauty and brains. She has done MBA and started working as HR in one of the MNC. Maria’s best friend Alisha advised her that she must now think seriously for her marriage. She told her that she can register on Make My Love (MML) matrimonial site that is the first one in the world to be ISO 27001 certified matrimonial website which is highest in the security. They came up free registration and then members can take any of their plans as per their preferences to avail the services. She had a feeling that matrimonial sites are the digital middleman that just works for the profit.

On the persuasion of Alisha, she browsed through the MML and felt that it is genuine and made up her mind to give it a shot and become a member of Make My Love family. She has taken the plan of Rs. 4100 for a month. Initially, she has just seen the photograph and expressed her interest. Soon she planned to meet one guy in CCD and when they talked over the coffee and snacks. After the meeting, Maria realized that she has to relocate to another state that she was not willing to. Another guy she met was non vegetarian. She became little frustrated that would she able find her life partner this way. There were two guys who were sending obscene messages to her. She discussed her problem with Alisha.

Alisha told Maria that she needs to keep little patience. Though MakeMyLove made the selection of your life partner easy but still required some serious efforts from her side. Initially, she could go through 2 way matches (means list of profiles available on your dashboard after matching your personal details with profile’s partner preferences and profile’s personal details with your partner preferences) and reverse matches (means list of profiles available on your dashboard after matching profile’s partner preferences with your personal details). She has to read personal details, family details, partner preferences and listen to audio and video messages, rank them and shortlist them accordingly and then express interest and initiate chat with them. Try to understand the person, if you like him then plan to meet and decide that whether she like that person to be her life partner. She further told her that the guys who were disturbing her can be block.

Maria understood the point of Alisha and started looking matches according to her advice. After 5 months, she came across the profile of Dangle, who has done MBA in Marketing and working in MNC. She liked the profile, given him all the 5 stars as the highest ranking. She expressed her interest and next day Dangles accepted her interest and initiates chat and soon they felt that both are on the same wavelength. Maria decided to meet Dangles and after the meeting, they decided to talk to their parents and soon families met and decided the date of the wedding.

Alisha was out of a station, so she was not able to attend Maria wedding. She met her after 3 months of her marriage at her new sweet home. Maria thanked Alisha for her worthwhile advice that work wonders for her as she was able to find life perfect for her. She enthusiastically told her that she would definitely advise others to become the MakeMyLove members to find their true love.



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