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Tips For Balancing Your Mother-Wife Relationship

As a son as well as a husband, you have a dual responsibility for balancing your mother-wife relationship. You have to understand both of them have a special place in your life. Try to explain the same concept to both of them.


It is advisable to follow the tips given below to have the wonderful bond between your mother and wife.


1) Try to act as a mediator to nurture the bond between your mother and your wife.

2) You have to give time to your mother as well as your wife.


3) You can plan outings together with your mother and your spouse. Remember to take your wife separately also as she has recently entered in your life and seeks your special attention.


4) Get a gift for your mother and wife according to their taste. It will have the dual benefit that it will clear the doubts of your mother who was apprehensive that you would neglect her after marriage. Your wife is also happy that you really care for her.


5) If there is an issue between your mother and wife. Try to make them sit together and address the problem. Explain to them that a mother has given birth and looked after you and with the wife you have taken the vow to be the life partner to share joys and sorrows together. Thus, you want your mother and wife to be equally happy. On one hand, tell your wife that your mother is old and changing her attitude is difficult and, on the other hand, tell your mother that your wife is from the different background. She must get time to adjust herself into the new setup.


6) Try to resolve as soon as there is a small issue rather than when it becomes like a piece of the bone that gets stuck in the neck which cannot be swallowed in or taken out. There is the example that there was the mother-in-law, not happy with the cooking of the daughter-in-law. Initially mother-in-law used to start yelling at her daughter-in-law in the home only; later she even started telling this to her relatives. daughter-in-Law felt embarrassed, and the relationship became strenuous between mother-in- law and daughter-in-law. Later, the matter got worse, and it reached the stage of divorce. The similar situation was there in another house but, in this case, husband acted intelligently. At the initial stage only, he politely talked to his mother that his wife was the youngest & pampered child in her family. Apart from this she was working from morning 9 AM to 6:30 P.M. so she spent less time in the kitchen. He praised his mother as one of the best cooks, and she could easily teach her daughter-in-law. He advised his wife politely that it would be beneficial to her that she could get free cooking classes and learn mouth licking recipes at home only. After this incident, mother-in- law and daughter-in-law smiled and said that they would co-operate with each other. This way you can also act wisely and mediate in the beginning level only.



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