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Tamil Wedding Rituals

Tamil Marriage is the simple yet looks splendid due to its rituals and traditions. Tamil bride and groom look awesome in their traditional or fusion of traditional as well as modern attire.

There are loads of wedding rituals that are observed by them with great fervor and enthusiasm.

The Tamil wedding rituals begin with Panda Kaal Muhurtham, in which the families of the bride and the groom pray to the Almighty for holding a wedding ceremony without any interruption.

After this, the groom is welcomed with the traditional prayers by the bride's side on the day prior to the marriage. The groom is then offered sweets, sprinkled with rose water, and even a coconut is broken to ward off any evil.

Followed by Pallikal Thellichal ceremony when grains are sprouted in earthen pots that are later immersed in a pond to feed the fishes.

The next ritual is Naandi, where the Bride and Groom family donate gifts and sweets to the Brahmins to seek their blessings for the wedding couple.

After that Nicchiyadharatham, a formal engagement ceremony takes place. Tamil bride and the groom exchange rings. After this, Tamil priest reads the horoscopes of the bride and groom and announce the auspicious date and time of the marriage.

On the day of the wedding, Mangala Snanam takes place. During this ritual, oil, haldi-kumkum are applied to the bride and groom at their home respectively. The Bride and the groom take a bath to cleanse themselves.

Followed by another exciting ritual is Kashi Yatra, when the groom dramatically threatens to leave for Kashi and lead a life of austerity. He is then stopped by the bride's father, who promises to give his daughter to him. After this, the groom heads towards the Mandap (temporarily erected structure for the purpose of a marriage) where the bride is waiting for him.

Then the exchange of garlands takes place between the bride and the groom.
This is followed by the ritual of Oonjal, where the couple is seated on a swing and given milk and banana to eat.
After that, the ritual of Kanyadaanam is commemorated, when the bride's father gives away his daughter’s hand to the groom.

Followed by Muhurtum ritual takes place in which the groom ties Mangalsutra and puts the vermillion (Sindoor) to the bride. Subsequently, they make seven rounds and seven vows around the sacred fire called Saptapadi.

Sammandhi Mariyathai is the last ritual of the Tamil marriage when bride and groom’s families exchange gifts with each other. Bride and groom then touch the feet of their elders, and parents to seek their blessings. After that bride leaves with her husband for her marital home.

Newly Wed Couple welcomed by the groom’s family with the waving of the traditional Aarti plate.

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