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Second Marriage Is A New Chapter To Give You An Option To Start Your Life Fresh

God forbidden if your first marriage could not work out well and you may find the great blockage in your life. You might think of a second marriage but reclined it back as you are afraid that second marriage could also go wrong. If you have children from first marriage then decision would be harder to take as you are not sure how would be your new partner turn out to you and your children. Good news is that 80 percent remarriages are more successful than their prior one as couples have experience to resolve their conflicts and most likely they are not going to repeat the same mistakes committed by them during their first marriage.

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Here are few guidelines that can turn your second marriage to a successful marriage:

1. If your family pressurizing for the second marriage, then talk about apprehensions regarding remarriage. They will definitely give you solutions to overcome to your apprehensions and if they are not able to come up with any clarifications then you can take help of marriage councilors for resolving them.

2. Talk to your friends or cousins who have experienced remarriage of their own or any other member in their family.

3. You must analyze the reason of the failure of marriage and mentally prepare yourself that you are going to start a fresh chapter of your life. Make sure that you are honest and communicate well with your partner of your desires with the second marriage. Trust is the first point for marriage and especially if it is a second marriage. The other points are of understanding, love, care, and security that follow to help you and your partner to accept each other whole heartedly and help both of you to last your second marriage forever.

4. If you have kids from the first marriage then tell them about your plans of a second marriage and prepare them to accept your new partner as their new parent.

5. Make sure that all the legal formalities for the divorce are adhered with properly so that no problem related to your first marriage that can interfere with your second marriage.

6. Prepare the list of guest to be invited and then decide accordingly venue, decoration, and menu of the marriage.

7. Select a wedding dress and accessories along with it at least two weeks before so that you can try it out and alter it if required. It is advisable to wear sober dress and makeup in comparison to the previous marriage. It is not mandatory; it totally depends upon your wish.

8. Fix an appointment with your beautician, photographer, and priest well beforehand to avoid any last minute hustle and bustle.

9. It is advisable that once you get married than never compare your second marriage with the previous one.

10. You may plan for a honeymoon. Avoid the same location that would rekindle the old memories. Use that time to create new memories.

Most importantly, you need not feel any kind of guilt that you have remarried as you deserve to start your new life and remain happy. Remarriage is not a wrong decision unless and until your intentions are good you are not deceiving your partner. You must be committed to your second marriage by being loyal to your partner. You must bury your past and have faith in the future to give yourself and your partner a new chance to live happily.


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