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Plan For Your Wedding Day

Marriage is undoubtedly one of the most significant decisions of your life as it can influence your future. You must be extremely careful in choosing a right partner. Once you have chosen your life partner. Next question is to fix a wedding day and then plan everything to organize to make your marriage day the most day of your life. You must have positive frame of mind and mentally prepare yourself the marriage.
Keep following points in your mind while planning:-
• Set the date.
• Prepare the guest list and decide the total number of people will going to attend your marriage.
• Set your budget.
• Research, select, and book the wedding venue according to number of guests.
• Select the menu for the special day.
• Choose the decoration theme.
• Select the invitation card and send to all of your guests.
• Research, select and book bands, carters and photographers.
• In some families there is a tradition to decorate the couple’s vehicle, so if you have the same tradition then you may decorate your own car or rent a car. Some couples may choose to rent a limousine or ride in a classic car. Others like horse-drawn carriages. In many Indian families groom rides on mere and takes bridegroom in palanquin. If you are Indian groom and want to follow this tradition then book for mere and palanquin in advance.

Now the most important part is to get ready for the D-day.

1. Purchase your wedding dress. You possibly need alterations but make sure it fits you well. It is better to choose the dress which you can wear again.
2. While choosing your dress , you must understand the importance of the colors such as:- 
I. Red color is associated with love, life, and relationship. Usually Indian brides wear red dresses. But gone are the days when colours and styles were dictated by convention. Today, Indian brides are seen not only in red but also purple, blue, gold, green…..
II. White is the color of purity and chastity. Usually Christian brides wear white. In India Gujarat brides wear white with red and Santhal tribals wear white with purple border.

III. Yellow color signifies prosperity, optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. It will also carry the promise of a positive future.

IV. Green is a holy color representing fertility and growth. Usually Muslim Brides wear Green dresses blended with pink color.

3. Choose the wedding ring for your partner
4. Choose the stylist to help bridegrooms to look handsome and brides to look gorgeous. Good Stylist can do complete over and give a dazzling look.
5. Purchase accessories matching with your dress.
6. Purchase dresses for bridesmaids’ / bridegroom maids’ dresses.
7. Purchase dresses for relatives (There is a costume in Indian Hindu marriages that Bridegroom’s parents give unstitched suits to the relatives)
8. Purchase gifts/sweets for guests.

When you are over with the entire rituals, plan for honeymoon with your partner according to your budget. Make sure both you try to make it memorable for lifetime.
We wish both of you a blissful happy married life.


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