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Life Changes After Marriage

Marriage is the not only union of two people but union of the two families. Singles experience drastic change after marriage. Most important changes are from “I” to “We” and from “My world “to “Our World”. Couple experiences various physical and mental changes. After marriage they must ready to accept changes with positive frame of mind.

For girls they have to mentally prepare to leave their home and family members to adjust in the new home of her husband & his family.

For Boys who were very cool & free birds have to be now responsible for his bride. He has to maintain balance between his family and his bride and her family.

There are few other differences tabulated below experience by many people:-


Before Marriage After Marriage
Feel unsettled in life Feel settle in life
Many bachelors leave there dresses, papers and other things here& there in the room to tidy up later. If you are one of them, you have to be more cautious.
Hobbies such as like to have pets at home Many people leave such kind of hobbies especially when partner is not comfortable. If you have such kind of hobbies it is better to change after marriage.
Habits such as smoking , alcohol and drugs Many people say no to these habits and if you have such kind of habits it is better to follow them.
At one point of time you start thinking that you need someone with whom you can share your joys and sorrows. One get the life partner with whom one can share each and every thing.
One has spent early years of life before marriage. Start fresh beginning of one’s second life with its better half/life partner and feel the magic.
Have parents, relatives, and friends. You get soul mate and lovely kids apart from your parents, relatives, and friends.
Spend Thrift Spend Wisely
Not serious for life. Serious for life.
Relationship with friends , family Relationship with increase from friends, family, spouse, spouse family, friends, kids, kids friends & their family.
Accountable for themselves, family, career, and society. Accountable for themselves, family, career, and society.
Love & care your parents & family. Love & care spouse, kids and parents.
Dress according to once mood. Sometimes have to dress up according to spouse choice
Worry for themselves & their family Worry for their spouse, kids, and their family members, spouse family members health, then their own health.


This is a general point of view though there can be exception to this. In short, you can understand that life really changes after marriage. It is the challenge which can be overcome by adjustment and good understanding between husband & wife. 


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