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Humsafar - Companion For Lifetime

Humsafar is a very beautiful word use in Urdu and Hindi language used as a synonym for life partner, Soulmate or Companion for Lifetime. Humsafar Literally means 'hum' means 'we' and safar means 'journey' and thus, Humsufar means 'two people who want to onset the journey of the rest of their life together'.

Behold! Once you want to be Humsafar of someone special. You must not take this decision in haste. You must first talk and try to spent some time together so that you can understand each other. Remember you should not run for beauty only as all that is gold doesn’t glitter so value more on inner beauty means moral values. You must try to analyze that whether both of you matches each other’s wavelength or not. You must talk to your family and also ask your Humsafar doing the same to get to know the viewpoint of family members.

Once everything finalized then you can sit together and make the plan that how to make your journey (safar) of a second half of your life after your marriage beautiful.

1) Try to understand each other’s apprehensions and aspirations by spending quality time with each other.
2) Be communicative which is very important for any relationship.
3) Try to make your Humsafar your Humraj means make your partner know your secrets especially in the matters that concerns your Humsafar.
4) Try to give breathing space to each other means never try to change your Humsafar the way you like. Remember you cannot change anyone. The only person you can change is yourself. You can only advice your Humsafar, but you can never pressurize him/her to follow your advice.
5) Discuss with your Humsafar that how can both you balance your time between work and home.
6) Always respect the family members of your Humsafar as your family members that will help you to create harmony in your relationship.
7) Both of you must vow together that you will hold hands of each other in ups and down of the life and cherish each moment of joy and sorrow happily.
8) Last but not least that marriage is not finding the right person but make your matrimonial relationship right.


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