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How To Remain Fit After Marriage

After marriage, remaining fit is difficult as gaining weight is common and it is expecting that many of the newly married couple to fatten up. These couples convince themselves that they don’t have time. More interestingly some of them think that protruding belly is a sign of a happy marriage but unfortunately they failed the health issues arising due to the extra weight they had put on after marriage. They don’t know that gaining weight can lead to various problems such as heart- attack, diabetes, hypertension and many other diseases.

We have talk to many couples to understand the reason of gaining weight came to know few interesting facts that are as follows:-
    • Working couple have busy schedule and taking out time out for gym and exercising is not possible.
    • Before marriage everyone tries to look attractive but after marriage they get into responsibilities and give their fitness program less priority.
    • After having kids they try to focus all their attention to them and have no time for themselves. 

If you also fall in the above categories, we have some simple and easy ways to keep you fit & attractive.

    • Shift from walking to brisk walking.
    • Start commuting by walking or biking, instead of driving in a car.
    • Try to take the bus half of the way and walk the rest of the way to work or if you have a car/two wheeler you can park 1/2 or 1 mile away from the office, and walk to and from your car.
    • Use stairs instead of lifts/ escalators.
    • Try to have a morning walk or stroll after dinner with your partner instead of watching TV or surfing net. This will give dual benefit one you can give time to your partner and other is o f course help both of you to remain fit.
    • If you have kids try to dance / play outdoor games with them for   just 20-25 minutes
    • Avoid sitting at one place more than 30 minutes. Just walk few steps after every 30 minutes.
    • Try to have stretching exercises such as stretching muscles, rolling eyes, moving neck and wrists, and frequent standing and pacing can help you to burn more calories and boost your metabolism.
    • Breathe deeply after an hour.
    • If possible get dog, walk, and play with it. If you are unable to buy the dog, you can ask your neighbor to take their dog for walk. 
    • Have healthy eating habits:-
        a) Avoid sugar, processed and oily foods.
        b) Eat fruits daily.
        c) Make sure your meals consist of lean protein and whole grains, and fill the rest of your plate with raw or lightly cooked vegetables and salads.
        d) Eat smaller meals throughout the day, rather than 3 big meals.
        e) Control on the portion of the food you are taking. For example you are eating your favorite dish; you tend to eat more so have control on that.

We hope this article defiantly made you to think seriously about your fitness and give you confidence that you can change your lifestyle even after marriage. We wish that soon you will get complements from your life partner, relatives & friends for your healthy body with healthy mind. As it is rightly said that healthy mind resides in a healthy body so one must endeavor to the above steps. Make my love wish you success in your endeavor.


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