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How To Pamper Your Partner

It is good you are married and living with your partner for quite some time. It can be possible that your partner gave the indication that he/she may start feeling monotonous in the life. You can plan for surprises which can easily add spark in your partner life and make him/her happy and refresh.

Take off from your work:-

You can try to take off from your work when your partners have off to give him/her surprise and spend whole day with your partner. This will worth more than any precious gift you can give to your partner.

Start the day:-

Get up early and wish your spouse “Good Morning” with your beautiful smile. Pamper you spouse with good bed tea/ coffee.

Clean the home:-

Try to clean the home and decorate it in a way your spouse wants.

Cook something special:-

You can cook the favorite dish of your partner or complete course which includes all his favorite dishes.

Greet your partner:-

When your partner come back home greet with beautiful smile on the lips and love in the eyes. Make your partner feel comfortable with such that he/she forget all the problems of the day. Try to serve hot tea/coffee / cold drink / juice/ soup as per the mood with tasty-tasty snacks and enjoy together.

Give gift ocassiosanly to your partner to show your love & care for him/ her:-

Surprise your partner with gift such as bouquet of flowers/ chain/ bracelet/ teddy bear/ painting/ watch / any home item which is required for long time/ tickets of favorite movie. Basically, you can gift anything which you think that can bring smile to your partner’s face.

Book a room in a Hotel:-

You can surprise your partner by booking the room in one of the best hotel. You can make it special by asking Hotel manager to decorate according to the taste of your partner.

You can plan to go out for a picnic / candle light dinner:-

If you decide to go out for picnic then you have to do little preparation to avoid any frustration later. Take out your picnic basket and keep one picnic mat & water bottles. Pack all the dishes in airtight jars, sauce pouches, salt, & sugar as per the requirement.

If you decide to plan for candle light dinner than you have to arrange for floating candles, rose petals, nice table cloth and favorite dishes. You can create the romantic environment with light romantic number and scented candles.

Be the best friend of your partner:-

Talk to your partner as his/ her best friend. Make your partner comfortable and enjoy your company. Show your partner that you really love & care for him/her. Give quality time to your partner and try to do all those activities which you know that make your partner happy.

Any of the above surprises will definitely strengthen the bond between both of you. This will break the monotonous cycle of the daily schedule and both of you feel refresh.


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