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How To Let Go Your Past Relationship With Your Ex

One of the worst situation of the life is getting away with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. This critical situation is faced by many lovebirds when one of them or both of them think that their relationship is either for time pass or emotionally taxing for one of them or both of them.

One such couple is Tony and Annie. They were best friends in school and later got the admission in a same college. Their friendship then started turning into love between them. They spend more time together and try to understand each other. Soon one beautiful, charming girl Sarnia got the admission in the college. Tony influenced by her beauty and started attracting towards her and neglecting Annie. The relationship between Annie and Tony became emotionally taxing for Annie. She was greatly hurt and became depressed. She was afraid to be close to any other boy as she felt that she would get hurt again by him and force her to live alone in a pathetic situation.

If you are also holding your old relationship and facing stress in our minds and bodies, potentially creating serious health issues, and accept that state of tension as the norm. It is the high time now to let go your past association with your Ex. Here’s how you can move forward in your life:

1. Think Positive that “Whatever happens, it happens for good." It has given you the experience. It has happened for a reason. And eventually things will work out and you will soon come out of it.

2. Try to keep yourself busy in your work and can even go out for the outing with your friends or family members. It can be shopping, movie, picnic or any other breaks.

3. Fix date with your beautician to groom yourself to look better; you defiantly feel better or even try Sona bath.

4. Stay Strong and stop contacting your ex:
• Delete his/her contact details from your phone and all social media sites.
• Use strong words to communicate that you need to stop talking.
• Do not attend calls or reply to messages even if they initiate it.
• For some time, avoid places where you are bound to bump into your ex.
• Don't allow mutual friends to play elves. Tell them politely to stay away from your personal matter.
• Don't respond to the sad status messages on their social networking sites or the tales they've spread about their heartbreak. They'll get over it in no time.
• Don’t talk to your Ex’s friends

5. Find someone who understands you and your aspiration towards life. You can even take the help on online matrimonial sites where you find all details of the member and find the list of matches as per your preferences. Beware of choosing genuine matrimonial sites where you find verified contact details and facilities to go through the profile details, photos, Audio& Video messages. A person who can understand the true meaning love and i.e. Understanding, care, support and respect each other. 

6. Don’t blame yourself by not blaming yourself. Try to counsel yourself that you have taken the right move to move out of the relationships it was leading to nowhere and was just emotional stress for you. Just call him or write the last message stating all your frustrations so that you feel very light.

7. Breaking the relationship is like a death of your dear one. It is quite possible you fell in the cobweb of negative and fearful thoughts that won’t let you move forward in the life. You have to replace your emotional thoughts with the practical solutions in the present scenario.

8. If you are close to God then you can share your feelings with him and definitely he will show you the path to follow in this serious situation.

9. Prepare “To Do List” and organize yourself so that it gives a sense of achievement and control.

10. Try to take out time for activities which you enjoy and bring the smile on your face such as funny videos, serials cartoons and research shows that laughter soothes tension, improves your immune system, and even eases pain.

11. If the chapter of the relationship with your Ex is close now than it does not mean that you cut off with other relationships. Try to spend more time with your family members, friends, and relatives.

12. Do exercise yoga and meditation to keep you mentally and physically strong and help you achieve inner balance which is very necessary to make you stable and think for your future.

If you follow these points religiously, you will definitely come out of depressing feelings of frustration and worry about the future. Understand one thing very clearly if one door is close then new door will open means if relationship with your ex won’t work out then it does not mean that no other relationship would work out in the future.

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