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How To Have A Good Relationship With Your Life Partner

Marriage is one of the most important, sacrosanct and loveful relationships in one’s life. It becomes imperative to give utmost priority to this relationship. Both of you can make this relationship successful by giving love, affection, care and respect to each other.

However irony of situation is that many people don’t value this relationship and choose to put it on the back burner and starts problems arise which at times go into downward spiral leading to the irrevocable breakdown or divorce. Like a plant, any relationship requires proper nurturing, care. If a plant is not watered, or it does not receive adequate sunshine, it withers same as with relationship. It requires nurturing in the form of love, warmth, care, and respect for each other’s feelings.

There are few tips that can do wonders in your married life, if you follow it correctly.

1) I Love you: - Try to use these three magical words frequently reminding each other that both of you are special and made for each and other.

2) Appreciation: - Whenever your partner has done something new though with mistakes, you must encourage your partner and show that you appreciate him/her. Remember, a little appreciation goes a long way.

3) Prayer: - If possible try to pray together and have blessings of the almighty and constantly seek God’s presence and power in your marriage. It will deepen and strengthen your relationship & help both of you to discern and deal with those things that hinder and hurt your relationship

4) Vacations: - In today’s hectic, mechanical lifestyle hardly there is any time to spend with each other. Vacations give the required break from the hectic lifestyle to unwind and spend quality time with other. But remember you plan a vacation to a place which both of you like and within your budget.

5) Give time to each other: - You must try to give your quality time to your partner. First always try to understand and listen your partner then you can put forward your point. If you want to be a good listener then you can read the article on good listening available at

6) Shopping: -. Both of you have different choices, for example if you love black color and your partner hates it, you should avoid black color. There is the need to take suggestions especially When you want to buy any big item for the home. These suggestions are important as they will help you to understand each other’s choices and make the other person feel that you regard his/her choices. Thus, it is very important to select items together either by online shopping or can plan to go out for shopping.

7) Have patience: - You must understand that both of you are from different family background and have different mindset. It will take time to understand and adjust with each other. Try to make your partner comfortable and happy in your company.

8) Trust and Transparency: - Trust is the foundation of a relationship, and transparency is the currency of trust. Transparency means when you share your secrets and tell the truth to each other .When you become transparent to each other, trust increases and it strengthen your relationship. In contrary when you start hiding things, it can create problems and make your relationship sour and in worst scenario it can lead to divorce.

9) Habits: - habit is when person repeat frequently and it became part of its lifestyle. If you or your partner have any habits and want to overcome them. First remember that you cannot change anyone but can change yourself. This does not mean you cannot discuss with your spouse, you have to wait when your spouse is in receptive mood. You show positive change in yourself and this will definitely influence your spouse to change. If you take ten steps, your spouse will definitely take one step.

10) Never argue: - Avoid arguing, when your life partner has hot temperament. If heated arguments are common then there is need to manage your anger. You can have details on anger management available at

11) Forgive each other: - In this world, no person is perfect. Both of you have committed mistakes at one point of time. Try to ignore each other mistakes and accept the way they are. Always remember that you can change yourself but not the other. But this does not mean you never discuss about it but you must wait for right time i.e. when your partner is in receptive mood.

12) Empathy: - If your partner is in trouble then show love, affection, care and made your partner feel that whatever the situation is, you understand it and always stand with him/her throughout your lifetime.

13) Birthdays/Anniversary: - Never forget your spouse birthday and your anniversary as it is the day when you can share your feelings by giving him/her beautiful gift / romantic card / bouquet /cake/ surprise which you know can make your partner really happy and relies its importance in your life.

14) Enjoy together: -Try to play games/ watch movie/ any other activities which both of enjoy. It will help in keeping your relationship fun filled and light-hearted.

This article is the template that you and your spouse can incorporate into your married life. We hope that you will use these suggestions and guidelines recommended here and cast them into a design that works for your relationship.


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