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How To Face The Challenge Of Inter-Caste Marriage

Inter-caste marriage is the matrimony relationship between two people of different caste. In India, it is no longer deterring down as it once was earlier, though at some places it is still prevalent. There is a growing understanding that what matters more in a marriage is a personal and professional of qualities of the person and not the caste and region.

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Now, if you are willing for inter-caste marriage and your parents are not interested then how you can you face the challenge

You have to be prepared before going for the discussion of Inter-caste marriage. You must try to write the concerns of your parents might have regarding your inter-caste marriage. You must be emotionally prepared that your parents might angry with you, but you need not loose your control and very politely tell your viewpoint. You can share the detailed profile of the person with them at your home and highlight the good point to make them understand why you have chosen him/ her as your life partner.

There is a need to explain them that everyone is a child of God, and he had never differentiated his children on the basis of caste. It is the only human being who is responsible for creating the caste system on the basis of profession. Nowadays, people are not perusing their profession on the basis of their caste. There is no meaning to divide people on the basis of their caste.

You can even cite various examples of happily married inter-caste couples from celebrities to your relatives and friends.

Unfortunately, if you are not able to convince your parents then you can take the support of the person whom you trust that they can convince your parents.

Last but least never go for a discussion if you are not clear with your decision as it may lead to the whole exercise futile. As if you are not able to convince yourself then how you can convince your parents.

We at hope you can find the perfect match here as you desire and lead the blissful marital life.

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