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How To Deal With Your Partner’S Emotions

There is the time when your partner is in sad / tense/ frustrated/ angry/ happy / romantic mood. If you really want to make your married life successful then you must try to understand emotions of your partner and learn the deal with them.

Be a good listener

Whatever your partner want to share, try to listen very attentively and patiently. Never try to interrupt in between. Always try to give quality time to your partner and try to cancel all the meeting and give your undivided attention. This will definitely help in marital stability and satisfaction.

Try to understand your partner’s emotions

When your partner says I don’t need anyone means that he/ she really upset and need your support. Try to comfort your partner and very slowly try to get to know the reason of such abrupt behavior.
a) Talk positively to your partner: - Make your partner understand that whenever there are any ups and downs in his/her life, you are always there to support your loving spouse. 
b) Try to be helping hand: - Never think that this is his /her work. Try to divide the burden of your partner. For example if you are male then help her in kitchen / getting children ready/ any of other wok where you feel that you can help her out . If you are female, you can help him by paying the bill / shopping / depositing cash/ any other way you can help him out.
c) Hug to relax your partner: - Put arms around your partner and give a good hug to show your partner how much you care & love for him/her.
d) Try to plan for outing to the favorite place of your partner and give him/ her treat.
e) Surprise your partner with gift such as bouquet of flower s/ chain/ bracelet/ teddy bear / painting/ watch / any home item which is required for long time/ tickets of favorite movie. Basically, you can gift anything which you think that can bring smile to your partner’s face.
f) Try to lighten up the moment: - Share some good jokes / interesting moment you spent together.

Avoid criticizing your partner

Always avoid criticizing your partner and his/ her parents. Always regard your spouse parents as your parents.

Never use abusive language. If by chance you used then immediately apologize. You try to make him/her understand that what you want to say exactly may be the way was not right.

Whenever you think to criticize your partner then go out from the heated environment. Deep breathe and fill your mind with his/ her positive points.

Whenever you feel that your partner is in happy / romantic mood then never start any critical topic which will spoil his/her mood.

Give independent emotional space to your partner

Give independent emotional space to your partner. Don’t suffocate him/her by over questioning, over possessive and unnecessary doubting your partner. Try to solve all the misunderstandings in a very tactful manner such that your partner does not feel offended.


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