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How To Balance Your Personal And Professional Life?

Let’s compare the lifestyle of the people now and two decades before. We find there is the drastic difference between now and then. With the advent of new technologies, increase in the education and job facilities, inflation led to the change in the role of the women in the society. Now women are employed in all fields from teaching jobs, clerical jobs, corporate jobs, defense services, civil services, astronomy, technical jobs, and medical jobs. There is a reservation in legislatures also. There are Chief Ministers, prime minister and even president who are women. With the boom of information communication technology, (ICT) The traditional eight-hour working day is no longer the norm. It ensures that employees may access work 24/7. This lead to increase in the level of competition, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, emotional exhaustion and it doubles in families where couple is working. Both have to face the challenge that how they can maintain the balance between their official life and family life.

There are few steps which can help to split time between two important and vital elements of our living, we have to build equilibrium between them.

Step 1


Couple must sit together and set priorities according to your age, family, profession, and lifestyle. You have to keep in mind that your professional and personal competency is equally important as your partner and kids competency.

Step 2

Time management

You have to set time-table according to the priorities. Remember you have to give equal priority to your work and to your family. So best solution is that when you at home, you must close office files, and when you are in the office you must close home files.

Step 3

Divide work

Couple must understand that both are working, so they have to do a lot in less time. Both of you must help each in their work in the best possible way. You must involve children and other family members in helping you. Best is together you finish household work and together you have time to enjoy.

At the office also you can divide you task into subtask according to the priorities. You must make sure you try to complete your work in time so that there will be no burden in your mind for the next day. Have a friendly attitude with your coworkers by helping them as when they require so that they can help you when you require it. Always take the pause before starting a new task may be just 5-10 minutes to energize yourself that you have to get ready for a new job.

Step 4

Keep yourself physically and emotionally strong

For physical fitness

        •Just takes 15-20 minutes for exercise

        •Instead of elevators/lifts use stairs

        •Make walking a habit

        •Actively participate in Indoor & Outdoor games

        •Take breaks between your work

        •Eat healthy diet

        •Avoid eating food from unhygienic places

Physical fitness is very necessary for concentration at work as healthy mind exists in Healthy body.

For Mental fitness

        •Prayer regularly, it will give peace of mind and energize you, returns bliss in your life and help to combat negative thoughts, to get inspired for all the professional and personal life activities.

        •Read motivational stories

        •Plan an outing either with your family members/colleagues/ friends. It will really be a refreshing experience.

        •If you are facing problem, discuss it out with as soon as possible before it aggravates. Remember don’t discuss it in open. It might happen that all may not understand your problem, and you are being mocked by them. Discuss with your partner/ family members/ close friends / councilors for your personal problems and your management/seniors for your professional issues.

In nutshell, try to remember all the above points which will help you to keep your loved ones, your colleagues, and management happy at the same time.



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