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How Can You Save Your Marriage When It Is At The Verge Of Break

Getting into matrimonial relationship is much easier than maintaining it. There is a real instance that will help you understand how one can save its marriage.

It was around two years of their love marriage, when Shreya and Manoj started fighting for small petty issues.

Shreya was career oriented girl and Manoj was a carefree guy and negligent for his job thus now and then fell into trouble and thus have to shift his job.


Shreya wanted to relax at the weekend by freaking out, but Manoj was homely person wanted to spend a weekend by relaxing at home.

Manoj on one hand threw away office bag and other things here & there and never bothered about cleanliness of the home. Shreya, on the other hand, wanted that everything must be in order in their home.

This way list goes on and on that made both of them drift apart and live separately. Shreya packed her luggage and went to stay in working women hostel.

Now the good turning point in their life took place.

Manoj somehow managed to spend five days after their separation but on Saturday, he was feeling uneasy at home and thus planned to meet his friend Asish who is a lawyer and apply for a divorce. He boarded the metro and somehow managed to grab the corner seat. When he looked at his right, he found that his co-passenger, a man in his mid fifties was carrying a bunch of red roses. Manoj exchanged a smile as his co-passenger saw him looking at the roses. Then they get introduced with each other. Manoj came to know that his co passenger name was Danial, and he must be around fifties. Danial asked Manoj that he looked tense and if he would like to share with him.

Manoj praised about the bouquet of beautiful roses, and he was carrying in his hands. He said he was taking bouquet for his beloved wife.

Manoj was moved by learning about the love between the old couple. He became curious and asked Danial that how he managed that.

Danial smiled and started that both of them were completely opposite of each other. They hardly could match any traits. Danial continued that things in life are not how they look like but how one look at those. Despite of their differences, they always find solace in one another’s company and no matter what, he always get roses for her at each weekend. Danial knew that his wife would wait for those roses at the weekend as much as he waited to give them to her.

As Manoj listened to Danial, he began to think that although there were different traits between him and shreya yet there were many that matched too. They were so busy fighting with one another that they could hardly pay any attention thinking and discussing about all that which had brought them together. He thought that had he been the one to behave a bit more sensibly, and their fights would never ever take such serious turn. Instead of getting into the game of blames, he should have been reciprocating in a constructive manner. For the first time, Manoj blamed himself for his troubled marriage.

As the next station came, Danial stood up from his seat and bid goodbye to Manoj. Denial story touched Manoj very much that he decided to follow him to witness the love between the lovely couple.

Manoj also decided to deboard on the same station where Danial got down. Manoj followed Danial and to his surprise he found Denial sat beside the grave of his wife and put the bouquet there. He was saying that he met one young man whose name was Manoj looked as disturbed as he was thirty years back during the initial years of their marriage. Manoj was too reserved to share his feelings with him. But He understood him. Denial further said that he pray to God that the Manoj and his wife realize the importance of one another in their lives before it was too late as in their case.

Manoj could not hold back his tears. He heard Danial continued his conversation that he managed to repair their broken fan and then Mary, his wife could not call him lazy.

Manoj heard all the conversation and realized his mistake. He called Asish and thanked him for staying so far away from his place. He was thankful that to reach him, and he had to travel such a long distance. He never realized how this distance would actually bridge the distance between him and Shreya.


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