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Gujarati Wedding Traditions


In India, marriage is considered as most important occasion when the bride and groom are bound in the sacred bond for the lifetime. It is the time when not only to individuals, but their families also get into the new relationship. Gujarati people think that after the marriage Gujarati bride considered as her husband's sahdharmacharini means his life partner that remain forever through thick and thin life of their life.

Gujarati marriage is incomplete without Gujarati customs, traditions that are blended with faith, simplicity, fun and excitement.

The Gujaratis wedding ceremony comprises of many customs and traditions to make Gujarati weddings an absolute delight.

Mangal Mahurat/ Mandap Mahurat:

It is the day when marriage date is fixed by the priest by matching the horoscope of the bride and groom. After that, Both the Gujarati families offer prayers to Lord Ganesha.

Griha Shanti

During this ceremony, prayer is offered to pacify nine planets (Nav Graha Shanti) is performed by both the family members and relatives of the bride as well as the groom. The purpose of the prayer is to remove any obstacles and ward off any evil eye.

Gujarati Marriage day:


It is a quite impressive ceremony in Gujarati marriage. In this groom, visit the bride place along with his family, relatives, and friends. When the groom enters the wedding ceremonial place, he is greeted by his mother in law. He then touches her feet to seek her blessings. Mother in law, then tries to clutch his nose, and he tries to escape. This playfully signifies that groom that he has come to their door to ask the hand of her beloved daughter by rubbing his nose. Though after that, she gave him blessings of blissful married life. After that, people invited from the bride's side present that Dandiya Ras (Gujarati dance) in the welcome of the gujarati groom and all others accompanying him.


After that a couple exchanges garlands twice. The first time the groom is placed higher than the bride and the second time on equal ground.

Madhuparka ritual

In this ceremony, groom's feet are washed, and he is given honey and milk to drink by in-laws. Meanwhile, the sisters of the bride try to steal the groom's shoes, known as 'JutaChurai'.

Kanya Aagaman, Kanya Daan and Hasta Milap:

During this ceremony, the bride is carried by her maternal uncle to the Mandap called "Kanya Aagamana." At that time, “Antarpat", or the curtain separating the bride and groom, is lowered, and the couple again exchange garlands. This is also known by the name of "Kanya Daan" or "Hasta Milap".

Mangal phraras – a wedding Ritual:

There is a common practice of taking circumambulation seven times around the sacred fire. However, circumambulations were made four times. This is also known by the name "Dharma", "Artha", "Kama" and "Moksha".

SaptaPadi – a wedding Ritual:

In this ceremony, groom helps the bride touch seven betel nuts with her right toe while they recite the seven vows. Later, they move the feet of their parents and elders to seek their blessings.


At this ceremony, the bride is given a tearful farewell by her family, relatives, and friends.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi:

Once a Bride reaches the house of the groom. Her mother welcomes her in law. She then drops a vessel filled with rice, with her right foot, kept at the entrance. This ceremony symbolizes that Goddess Lakshmi has taken a form of the bride, and she is ready to enter their home.

Aeki Beki

Thereafter to ease down the bride and groom fun filled game played by the couple. A pot is filled with water and colored by putting sindoor and milk. After this, several coins and a ring are placed in it. Both the bride and the groom then need to find them seven times. Whoever succeeds to find the ring four out of seven times is believed to rule the household.


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