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Do Not Let Your Marriage Ruined By Egoism

Marriage is the commitment between two people where they are bonded with sacred and unbreakable bond to be committed with each other to have relationship based on love, care, attention, honesty, transparency for each other. It is not to change each other but accept each other with all the positive and negative points.

Unfortunately, sometimes there is break in sacred bond between two people and may lead to separation or divorce between them. The main cause behind separation is when both the partners are working and have ego clashes.

Ego clash is when two people show of their false personification of superiority over each other. It is because of fear of losing control or proving oneself always right and seeing flaws in other. It is just like the dust in eyes which won’t let the person see its partner in the right perspective. It eventually results in breaking up relationship with their loved ones.

How Ego results in negative impact in your relationship:
        • It leads to misunderstandings.
        • It holds you back from apologizing for your mistake.
        • It stops you from saying your heart out in front of your partner such as saying ‘I Love U’ or ‘I Miss U’ or ‘I Need U’ or ‘I am in trouble’

All this lead to disruption in the communication which is not good for your relationship and even you looses self worthiness in front of your partner.

If you really want your relationship to be everlasting then you must forgo E of EGO and let your relationship go on smooth sail forever.

Now Question is how you combat EGO and answer is as follows:
        • Don’t let ego control your thoughts as if you let it control then   everything you want becomes illusion.
        • Don’t always praise yourself instead try to praise your partner now and then.
        • Don’t take time for apologizing for your mistake.
        • Don’t fear to tell your heart in front of partner as communication is always better for the relationship.
        • Don’t hurry or dominant to emphasize your point of view instead be a good listener and try to understand other person’s viewpoint.
        • Try to accept your partner as he/she is and don’t run behind him/her to according to your wishes
        • Try not to expect anything from your partner but it does not mean that you accept wrong behavior from him/her. You can tell your viewpoint in polite tone rather than being egoistic.

Always remember that when nails grow we cut nails and not the fingers similarly when misunderstanding grows we must cut our ego and not our relationships.

Think about it and stop being Egoistic, selfish and narcissistic. It will help to make your relationship blossom like a beautiful rose full of fragrance of love, respect, care, trust, passion and romance.

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