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Do’S And Don’Ts On Your First Date

Meeting the right person of your life doesn't take one huge step; it takes lots of little steps in the right direction.

You have to exert yourself and make an effort. One simple and smart way is to register on online matrimonial website. You will able to get that list of professionally qualified guys based on your preferences. This will help you to go through their detailed profiles, photos and Audio - video messages. You can even contact them via phone and email. If you like, then rank and short list them. You can chat with them so that you can get to know each other better. Now, you select few profiles, you can then decide to meet them. You can select one of them as your perfect partner. Now, if you are meeting with the guy for the first time. You may be nervous on one hand, like you are giving interview for the first time. On the other hand, you may be filled with the optimism about the beginning of the new chapter of your life.

You have to prepare yourself so that you will be able to grab the attention of the guy you are dating. For that, you have to remember what attracts him is not only your beauty but also your attitude. Another thing is to remember that your first impression is your last impression.

You can easily make your first meeting into successful meeting by following simple tips given below:

There are some Do’s and Don’ts:

• Be safe so keep your meeting place in public.
• Be ready in your best attire with light make up.
• Try to reach 15 minutes earlier to avoid any last minute confusions.
• When you meet him, try to welcome him gracefully with your beautiful smile.
• Be a good listener and try to listen to understand his desires and apprehensions.
• You have to maintain good eye contact to show that you are confident, honest, and interested in talking to him.
• Keep your conversation light hearted.
• Be polite and sweet in talking.

• Don’t keep your cell phone in general mode, keep it in a silent mode.
• Don’t wear deodorant or perfume in excess.
• Don’t give any wrong information to him.
• You need not start any serious topic. Try to keep the conversation light and enjoyable.
• Don’t crack any joke as it may hurt him.
• Don’t get gift in your first meeting.
• Don’t try to hug or kiss in your first meeting.
• While conversation if you have any doubts then clear it very diplomatically so that you would able to clarify it without hurting him. You have to treat him the way you would like to be treated by him.

In nutshell, to find your real love you have to do best efforts from your side and keep all the above points in your mind. We hope soon you will able to find perfect match and can lead happy and blissful married life.


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