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Decode The Body Language Of Your Guy..

Body Language is the unique way of communication where body movements, facial expressions, gestures, and eye movements which you can easily decode and communicate about the personality, behavior, attitude as well as the intention and feeling of the man whom you have recently met or you are in a long term relationship with him.

Just keep on reading and you can easily understand the implication behind his actions.

 Eye Contact with smile

If you notice that your guy is maintaining eye contact with his sparkling eyes filled with love then for sure he likes you. If he is little shy but likes you then he will not maintain long eye contact, but frequent eye contact with you to steal your glimpse as if he is in the impression that you are not looking at him. You can surely show your interest in him with your beautiful smile.

He walks with hands in hands with you

When he holds your hand with love that means he wants to promise you that he is holding your hand to never leave you for his entire life and love you till eternity.

Sit in confident yet cool position

He pulls up his shoulder with his hands open and palms pointing towards you. This action means he want to show his confidence and cool nature. He is interested in approaching you for the long term relationship.

He shows the sign of anger when you speak to other men

When you are talking to other men, he shows his possessiveness by frowning at you. This shows that he is completely attracted by you. He requires your complete attention for him.

He kisses at your forehead

When your guy kisses at your forehead means it is a generous gesture to show that he is a real lover who trills when he kisses at your forehead and he is one who knows his limits.

He wants to tell you that you are special to him, really care for your feelings and waiting for your reply.

He put his hands around you, holds your hands, and get romantic

Men try to show their love by putting their hands around you, hold your hands, and want to be touchy and be romantic with you. When he is going touchy then you have to be little careful that whether there is love or lust in his touch. He really likes you or just interested for a physical relationship with you.

There are many such signs which your guy is showing to you. You need to be just little vigilant and use your sixth sense to decode his body language to draw the conclusion that whether he adores you or flirting with you.



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