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Can Disable People Successfully Married?

Disability is the consequence of an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental or some combination of these. It can be broadly classified into physical or mental disability.

Parents of the disable child are really under pressure. They constantly worried that whether they would able to find suitable match for their child or not. Society also abandons them and pass ridicules comments to them.

Parents feel abducted and humiliated; they think that marriage is the guaranteed formula for their child’s happiness. This is totally negative way of thinking and they must think that If their child would not get marry then heaven will not going to fall. The positive way is that parents need to encourage their child to have proper education so that he/she may able to get decent job/involve in the business to become self-dependent and take care of himself/herself properly in any scenario. They must encourage their child to live their life with positive attitude. They must cite number of cases where disabled people leave normal people behind in various fields. One such example is Louis Braille, who was blinded in the age of three in an accident. He never set back by his disability and invented system of reading and writing used by people who are blind or visually impaired. He gave the message to disable people that neither they feel pity nor they are vulnerable. They must think that they are not less than any normal person. Another example of enduring relationship of husband & wife is as follows Ahmed who has no arms married to Fatima who has no legs. Young couple helps each other and happily leading their married life. It is depicted in the photographs given below:

There are many such cases where disable couple are successfully married.

Many times parents are very much worried that their child may get marry or not. They encourage their child to hide their disability from their partner and their family. They forget that the foundation of marriage is the trust & transparency in the relationship. If one tries to start relationship with half truths or half lies that mean one tries to deceive or cheat his/her life partner. It may have ripple effects and may spoil the relationship. It may give the opportunity to the partner to abandon or humiliate the partner who tries to be smart by hiding the information related to the disability.

Parents need not worry so much as there are numerous online matrimonial sites are there which can provide profiles for disable people. is one such portal which is first one in the world to have a 27001 certification for the matrimonial site, which is highest is security. They emphasize their members to give correct & full details. They play the great role in arranging matches for disable people from all over the world. They classify matches for disable people under special cases such as follows: 

    •     Physically handicap by birth
    •     Physically handicap by accident
    •     Mentally handicap by birth
    •     Mentally handicap by accident
    •     Physically and mentally challenged
    •     HIV positive (When a person is infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
    •     Impotency (When a person have inability to have a child)

Just register on the site and we will help you to find the suitable genuine match for your beloved child. We wish that soon your daughter/son will lead the blissful married life.

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