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Bengali Bride And Groom Attire

Wedding is the important step in the life of the bride and groom. It signifies the union of the souls of two better halves into the one.

An Indian marriage is illustrious as a large festival that is usually commemorated over a span of a week. There are many rituals and traditions in the Indian marriage to make it an auspicious as well as the excited affair for the people.

In each part of India, marriage is commemorated with different styles. Bride and groom attired in their traditional or blended attire. In this blog we are discussing about the attire of Bangali Bride and Groom. Their attire often reflects Bengali society.

In Bengali marriage, Bridegroom's attire is not less than a bride. The Bengali bridegroom adorns himself in a silk dhoti and Kurta along with a Jor (a silk cloth draped around his neck) that is tied with the bride's sari during the marriage ceremony. Apart from this, bridegroom wears a hat (Topor). Bengali bride is adorned with traditional white or off-white saree with a beautiful red border that brings out the charm of the Bengali bride. Now, with time there are variations in dressing style of the Bengali bride. They are now experimenting with the fusions. Red and white is replaced with orange, pink and many other shades.

Bengali brides hands and feet are adorned with red liquid known as Alta, which is a sign of prosperity. She wears exclusive jewelry, like Tikka on her forehead as she is treated as Goddess Lakshmi. Their Nath (the large gold nose ring connected by a slender gold chain to the ear), kaanpasha (handcrafted delicate gold ornament that adorns the entire ear, Panchnari (A necklace with five or punch layers of precious stone), Sapta Lahari (similar to Panchnari but has seven layers instead) and Hansuli (another traditional necklace of Bengal)

With the changing scenario, it is the pleasure to visualize the blend of traditional as well as modern attire of Bengali bride and groom.

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