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Arranged Marriage Vs. Love Marriage

Marriage is sacred bond that binds two people together with well-defined rights and obligations. It brings significant stability and security in the relationship of two people, which is otherwise incomplete. Marriage is not only to bring two people close but also bring two families together.

In the present scenario where the society is changing with the changes in the role of women drastically and thus changing the overall concept of the marriage. People prefer Love Marriages over Arranged Marriages.

Going further in the discussion about Love Marriages vs. Arrange Marriage. First let us clarify the concept of Arrange Marriage and Love Marriage.

In Arranged Marriages, bride and bridegroom take the decision to get marry with the involvement of their family members. The advantage of the Arrange Marriage is that there is conscious effort to check all the parameters of social status, financial strength, background, educational opportunities, and similar lifestyle. It has definitely increase the likelihood of the success of the marriage. Everything is arrange for the prospective couple. Here Love is likely to grow with time as you need time to understand the person.

But on the other hand Arranged Marriage has certain disadvantages such as couple know each other superficially and they don’t get proper time and space to know each other. They have to take decision hurriedly or under pressure of their family members. Couple has fear in their mind that they have to live with unknown partner for whole of the life.

Nowadays, many Indian families take the help of Indian or global matrimonial websites to find match for their family member who is single and need one life partner who can walk with him/her in the journey called life. These matrimonial sites provides the platform where one can get to know all the details of the matches which you have shortlisted according to one’s preferences. One can get to know about their shortlisted profiles via chatting, emailing, or calling each other. This gives them time and space to know each other and help in taking the right decision. These websites will help to reduce the disadvantage of Arranged Marriage and helping people in searching and developing love for them.

In Love marriages, two people have time and space to know each other. They start loving and caring each other before marriage. The chances are that love marriages are successful because loving couples develop understanding before entering into the relationship of marriage. They are happy as they are going to marry with the person whom they love so dearly.

On the other hand in Love marriage the whole responsibility of choosing the partner lies on both the partners. They both cannot blame their family members if it does not work properly. Both partners have lot of expectations from each other such as passion, romance, care, respect and much more. They both have the feeling that their partner will remain same as he/she was before marriage but unfortunately it does not work out in many cases.

At the end, it cannot be decided that both Arrange Marriage are better or Love Marriage is better. Each type of marriage has its own strengths or weaknesses. Actually, it does not depend on the type of the marriage but depends on the understanding, trust, adjustment, respect, love and care between each other.

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