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A Touching Story That Can Strengthen Your Relationships

Fourteen years ago, Joseph, a dashing guy married to loving and caring girl, Linzy. Joseph was strong and happy go lucky kind of guy. He carried his wife in his arms though she weighed around 65kgs at that time. Soon the couple blessed with a son and Priest St. Paul baptized him and gave him name John. All the three were happy in their small sweet home.

On John’s third birthday, couple decided to put john in playschool. Suddenly, Joseph realized that he needs more money as responsibilities were increasing. He began working overtime to earn more and then he also started the part-time job during weekends. Soon they shifted to a bigger house with all luxuries but in meanwhile Joseph could not realized that he was making distance from him family. Linzy was working as a dance teacher in a school before marriage but could not peruse her profession and she couldn't speak about it to Joseph.

It was around ten years of their marriage; one day Joseph was not well and thus he came home early. He saw that Linzy was dancing very beautifully in front of a mirror. He was amazed that he never knew about it and then after an hour their son John came home after playing and surprised to see his father home early that evening. John asked his father that how much he was earning in an hour. He was not well and thus was little irritated and said angrily that he should not be bothered about it.

John again insisted then Joseph replied that he earned around $75an hour. He asked him to give him $50. Joseph said if he required money for a party with his friends or for buying useless video game then he should march towards his room. John started sobbing and slowly went to his room.

Joseph realized his mistake and thought that he might require for some genuine reason. He went to his son room and gave him $50. He said he was sorry for his rudeness and asked the reason that why he wanted money. John pulled out his purse that he carefully kept below his pillow. He opened his purse and took out his $25 and gave $75 to his father. Joseph was again angry that he already had money then why asked from him.

John had given very beautiful smile and replied in a very innocent manner. He said that initially he had $25 which was not enough money, but then he had $75then which was equal to Joseph’s one hour salary. He further said he would like to give him $75 so that he could come home one hour early, and all three could have dinner together.

Joseph eyes filled with the tears of joy. He hugged his son and put his arms around him and begged for his forgiveness. At that moment, Linzy entered the room, and she also put her arms around both of them.

Joseph said emotionally that God has blessed him with such beautiful and caring wife along with a lovely child, but he could not give time to them. He asked Linzy that she should start perusing her profession as a dance teacher in dance institute near to their home. He promised his son that he would spend quality time with his family and would give no reasons for any complain in future.

It’s just a reminder that you are not committing the same mistake that you are so involved in your Job that you are ignoring your family for that. Earning money is important but not at the cost of the happiness of your family members. It does not mean that you leave the job and sit at home but spent quality time with your family where you communicate well to know their desires and apprehensions.

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