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6 Things To Do For Your Adorable Wifey Everyday!

Your relationship stays young and beautiful till you invest quality time with your better half and value their presence, their efforts, and their dedication towards you every day! Your wife may not complain or show sings of repulsion, but deep down, she would always be craving for little pleasures and it’s easy to spot them! We will help all the husbands to melt their counterparts with love, affection and warmth.


Say it!!


The three word phrase that you enchanted her with during the college days or maybe woo her at a party! Utter those magical words and say it like you mean it to bring the spark back to your life. It is always important to make the relationship young as ever.


Do it Youself (DIY)


Nothing is less sexy than heaps of clothes, shoes, socks, candy wrappers, etc. lying everywhere. Surely you can spend the few minutes to put away your shoes, place your socks in the dirty clothes or even hang up your pants.


Spick and Span


Ensure you are cleaning your dishware after dinner or supper to pleasantly surprise your darling wife. Now, you may know what atrocities she goes through each day after the meal is over!


Pen down


The way to a woman’s heart is through lovely pleasing words that charm her inside out and unleash the babe inside her. Write down a beautiful note to her or maybe try your hand at poetry and re-create your impression.


Compliment her


Mostly, men ignore this and lose their wife’s 50% interest in them because every girl loves to be appreciated for no matter how pity it is, right? Praise her for her food, her new look or what she’s wearing even though you don’t quite find attractive! Compliments usually comfort the partners in a right way.


Hug Her


Whhen was the last time you hugged your pretty wife? Do that straight away and get surprised. Every woman loves to be loved, pampered and hugged of course, make her feel nostalgic and stroll to your good old days when she meant the world to you!



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